What clients say

Doris Fleischmann: “For a year I suffered from a painful inflammation of my left Achilles tendon, which severely limited my quality of life. After about two months Hara Shiatsu with Philipp Walz I am now free of pain, do not need bandage and go through life again elated. “

Beate Bergholz: “I met Martina at a health fair where I tried Hara Shiatsu for the first time and she immediately impressed me with her empathy. She showed me with pinpointed diagnostics where there is potential for improvement.
I have been seeingto her regularly for two years now and I feel well here!

Kosima Weissinger-Klimpt: “About three years ago, the skin of my hands showed a change, initially small cracks, but then increasingly a strong cornification, dryness and painful inflammation. Numerous attempts to find relieving or healing with dermatologists have offered me different, symptomatically less successful strategies. At the same time, Philipp also treated me during this time and repeatedly recommended that I try a rice diet. During these 10 days, I enjoyed two shiatsu treatments that gave me such attentive and appreciative support that it felt easy to do. My skin improved almost immediately by 80%. In addition, I’ve experienced a complete change, both physically, emotionally and spiritually. I have just made the second rice diet, with the sympathetic support of Philipp, with further great success. My skin is soft again, there are still reactions and discoloration noticeable – but now it is clear, I continue on this path of purification – with the support of Philipp and Shiatsu! “

Reinhard Spindelberger: “I sit in the office 40 hours a week and spend a lot of time with my second job as a musician, both fun but challenging. In search of compensation I landed with Tina – her sensitive Shiatsu helps me in the process of replenishing my energy reserves and finding my inner center. “


DI Dr. R. J. Schuster: “My body is extremely stressed in my work as an organization and group dynamics specialist. Since Mr. Walz introduced me to the Hara-Shiatsu, essential processes have been set in motion that have restored my physical and mental balance. On the other hand, I have become more aware than ever that intensive work in and with social systems necessarily requires appropriate compensation. This balance offers me, in addition to nature walks and exercise, the treatments of Mr. Philipp Bernhard Walz. “