Tina – About me

How did you get to Shiatsu?
At the beginning, there was the search for a Christmas present for my then boyfriend … When we met, Philipp was on the verge of a business-career in the Czech Republic – an exciting but quite stressful time. The voucher for the three Shiatsu treatments that he got from me at the time was lying around at home for a few months. Eventually he finally tried it. Lo and behold, he was so enthusiastic that from then on he made regular pilgrimages to his practitioner. Later, I landed myself on her mat – with massive neck tension and extremely unpleasant migraine attacks. Shiatsu also quickly worked for me: my curiosity was aroused! During a yoga holiday in Crete, we finally met Tomas Nelissen, the founder and then head of the Hara Shiatsu Academy. He invited us to an information evening at his school. Shortly thereafter, we started the three-year training.

What fascinates you about Shiatsu?
It´s the holistic approach! Take migraine as an example: Shiatsu is not just about short-term symptom relief. Instead, we research with the client for the possible causes of the complaints. For just as no life story resembles another, the influencing factors that can lead to a specific clinical picture also differ. For this reason, there is no standard treatment for all headache sufferers, but countless variants, which are tailored to the individual and his specific needs. Often, there are also some changes in lifestyle and diet needed. If someone agrees to this overall package, it’s not just that migraines occur less often – life becomes lighter and carefree.

How would you describe your Shiatsu?
Certainly, it is about retrieving stored knowledge and experience – for example on the effect of individual acupressure points. But at the same time a lot of intuition is needed. And of course physical  contact and pressure to re-energize the meridians. This combination and the intensive encounter with other people made Shiatsu for me something very special and the most beautiful of all possible professions.

You offer among other Shiatsu for couples: what can you imagine?
The idea for “Shiatsu for couples” came to us, because we were looking for this and couldn´t find it anywhere. The treatments take place on one and the same appointment in two adjoining rooms. One treatment is done by Tina, the other by me – of course adapted to the desires and needs of each person. The big advantage lies in the simultaneous treatment. What happens in everyday life after this break? Well, maybe this will give you more serenity. And for your relationship more fresh energy.

What does the Japanese character in your logo actually mean?
The pictogram symbolizes the human being. It shows how he is walking on his legs. The character consists of two strokes painted for us by Junko Baba, a master of Japanese writing culture. In combination with the text HeartBodyMind, the calligraphy should clarify who is at the center of our treatments: Man. As a whole. From head to toe, with all his emotions and experiences, with his life so far and his wishes for the future.

What did you do for a living before becoming a Shiatsu practitioner?
Originally, I studied journalism and theater, film and media sciences – with the goal of one day becoming a “cultural journalist” at the “Standard”. That’s where I landed – not in the editorial office, but in sales … For many years, I worked here and elsewhere as a staff department for customer loyalty & quality management and as head of the call center. Later I worked as a study assistant with Prof. Dr. Thomas Bauer at the University of Vienna and in a large PR agency as assistant to the management and copywriter.

And is there anything else about you?
I like to cook and eat much more, go to the cinema too seldom, am moderately athletic, spend as much time outside as possible and have two wonderful little nephews.